Interior Painting

Keep Paint Fresh While House Painting

It can be a big job to paint even a single room of your house. You can’t expect to get it all done in a few hours, and you may need to spread the work out over several days. You should have an idea of how long the work will take you before you start, but your estimates may not be accurate if you don’t paint often. You may end up going over several days to complete the work, and if you do, then the paint may have problems staying stable and wet for the duration.

Cover Your Buckets
If you are going to be using only one colour for a while, then cover the other buckets of paint you are not using. It does them no good to be open, and that can cut actually dry out the paint and release more fumes into the air that aren’t very good for you. You’ll kept the paint fresher if you keep it closed when you are not using it.

If you are using a roller brush and a tray, then once you fill the tray with paint, you can close the bucket back. Anytime you are not constantly using a bucket of paint, the lid should be on. It doesn’t need to be put on tight, but there should be a lid placed over the paint can when it is not being used.

Store Brushes Properly
If you want your brushes to work well for you the next time you pull them out, then just store them in the fridge in between painting sessions. Just wrap the brush end in a plastic bag and put it anywhere in the fridge to keep the brush prepped for painting. You do not want to store it in the freezer.

You can cover up your roller brush with tin foil and cover paint trays with plastic wrap. This will keep the paint fresh and wet and ready to use as soon as you go back to it. If you are going to stop painting for several days, then it is a good idea to clean out your brushes so that the paint does not dry. You should also empty out the roller tray into the paint bucket and cover the bucket for when it is ready to be used again.

Control the Temperature
If the temperature around the paint gets too cold or too hot, the paint may not be stable for long. You want to keep it from becoming too runny or too hard, and you can do that by carefully controlling the temperature around it.

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You want to store paint in a cool, dry place, but in the winter, you may need to move it somewhere a bit warmer than the garage, basement or shed, which is where most people store their paint. You don’t want to store the paint in the attic either, as it can get overly hot or cold there through the year. A better place would be in the pantry, under the kitchen counter or in the bathroom.

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