House Painting

In What Order Should You Paint Your Home?

So, you are looking to paint your house and you want to make it look as good as possible. You want results you will be happy with, and you want to ensure that you don’t regret the final result. You may have big plans on what to paint, but you may not know where to start. You may not even know if there is a right place to start expert house painting or a right order in which to paint everything. Well, there actually is, and we are going to show you the correct order to paint your house.

Painting the Outside
If you are doing an exterior paint job, then you should start with the roof first. Always start with the upper sections before moving onto the lower sections.

That’s because the work you do above can bleed onto the lower sections and make them a mess. You will have to prepare the walls before you paint them, so make sure you paint above them first. That way, you save time and only have to do the prep work once.

The roof is also the most important part of the house to paint, as it protects the rest of the house, keeping out water and pests, so painting that first allows you more safety in which to paint everything else.

exterior paintersPainting a Room
If you are painting an interior room, then you should begin with the trim, move to the ceiling and then do the walls. In this order, you save yourself the most work.

The trim is the easiest part to tape off, so you want to get that out of the way first. It can be tough to paint the trim and not get any paint on the walls and ceiling, so painting that first allows you to move quickly and make a bit of a mess.

You can always paint over your excess paint later as you are doing the walls and ceiling.

Painting the ceiling before the walls ensures that you don’t make a big mess on the walls you just painted. It also prevents leaks and other problems that can harm your wall paint job.

Painting a Room with Fixtures
Treat any fixtures in a room like trim- paint them first. So, if you are painting the bathroom, you want to paint the sink, vanity and other fixtures before doing the walls or ceiling. You can do the trim at the same time, though. Then just cover your fixtures as you paint the rest of the room. If you are painting the kitchen, then do the cabinets and other fixtures first, before you do the walls or ceilings.

Once again, you can easily cover them as you paint the rest of the room.

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The goal with these painting methods is to save yourself some work. You paint the small details first, as those can be covered up easily. You can’t easily cover up a wall or the ceiling, so you save those for later. Working this way should prevent you from making a mess that’s tough to clean up and will allow you to work more efficiently.

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